Custom Homes

A custom-designed and custom-built home is the ultimate dream of many people, but it may be closer to reality than you think.

Big Sky Homes owner Scott Bower will consult with you as a prospective homeowner and turn your thoughts, napkin drawings, Pinterest boards and old-fashioned imagination into a real-life home.  For the amateur cook, it means collaborating on a kitchen designed with your personal “taste” in mind.  For your expanding family, he’ll help you review and select the  features that keep your children returning home long into old age.  Scott can also help you craft a safe haven for mature living, the wheelchair-bound or persons with disabilities.  Bring your needs, wants, personal style, and dreams to the table and he’ll build the home you’ve always wanted around you.

And while you create many intangible bonds with a custom home, a new home is also often safer, more efficient, and less costly than a fixer-upper or an aged home.  Although the process for building a home has generally remained the same, new technologies and materials are constantly being introduced into the market. Those changes, along with changes in building code requirements, enhance our daily lives making new homes more comfortable and safer.  Furthermore, products such as low-e glass, radiant barrier sheathing, tank-less water heaters and geo-thermal heat pumps are a few examples of products designed to save energy and reduce utility bills.   Analyzing the cost / benefit of such products will help determine which ones may be right for you.  This may, indeed, be the perfect time to save you thousands of dollars in utility or building costs.

Investing in a custom home is unlike any other purchase, and it requires a trustworthy building partner committed to a mission of quality work and respectful business practices.  Scott guides every Big Sky Homes client through the homebuilding process with sensitivity and care, then delivers the best product in the market.  But don’t just take it from him, read the full page of glowing reviews from his past clients here.

Browse his portfolio of work and then contact Scott today for a complimentary consultation.  You will get the chance to meet with him as your building partner, learn more about the process, discuss the home you have in mind and review a quote.  You’ll be one step closer to your custom home!